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How to Create and Publish a Website Using KompoZer

* Step 1    

Go to

Press the Download button.

Macintosh Users
Double click the .dmg file
Drag the KompoZer icon to your Applications folder
Eject the KompoZer disk image.
Double click the KompoZer icon to open.

Windows Users
Right-click on the KompoZer ZIP file and choose Extract All
Open the new folder and double click Kompozer.

  Kompozer Icon
* Step 2    

Now you can create your page.

Use the toolbars at the top to change the text style or add images and hyperlinks.

NOTE: When you add images, make sure to check "URL is relative to page location" (If that option is grayed out, save the page first, then go back and add the picture).

* Step 3    

When you are finished, click Save.

Enter a title for the page, click OK.

Choose a file name for your page.

NOTE: You MUST name the first page you create "index.html"

* Step 4    

Click Publish.

Choose a name for your website.

The HTTP address is

The Publishing address is

Enter your University of Hartford e-mail username and password.

Check Save Password.

Click Publish.

It should say "Publishing Completed."

* Step 5    

Open Internet Explorer/Safari/Firefox and go to:

You should see your webpage. If you don't see it, please contact the Computer Support Center at 860-768-5999 for further assistance.


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